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Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords

《"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" is an multiplayer online battle platform. Players form their Hoku team for a 3 vs 3 "Command Battle" against opponent. Through the challenge of dungeon, invasion war, real-time PVP battle, alliance league and other activities, training the strongest Hoku as the goal.

Hoku Warriors

"Hoku Warriors" is a combination of pet breeding and online simulation strategy combat. With a varity of lovely pets Hoku, and advanced breeding and evolution system, exclusive VR perspective view, AR and map real-time interactive.


You want to catch the train, there is a bunch of meat, fresh and tasty, just in front of your eyes... How far will you chase?


Creamy-Crispy is the best connect line puzzle game.Getting more addicting and challenging!Set your sail and start this delicious adventure filled with colorful desserts.


Fantastic game in 2016, Diggy Dikie is easy control and offering multi-level treasure challenging.

Donku Valentines

Do you want to create a completetly UNIQUE love message to suprise and share with anyone you want? It is so easy to do that with "Donku Valentine day". It is FREE to download now!

Creed of guardian

Over 50,000 views in Game News Offical Channel within a month.No.1 strategic card game with beautiful graphic support

ABC Leaning

An interactive approach for Leaning and recognition of alphabet, UK teacher speech, 5 leaning game and AR photo booth included

Fine wine

Fine Wine Handy Guide is the best wine app that can enhance your experience in savoring this delectable drink at anytime,andwhere.It comprises an extensive wine database with useful rating and professional tasting notes and a vast pronunciation library, which helps the uses to make more informed purchases at store and restaurant.


Flip and flip, it is just that simple but not so easy. In this challenging puzzle game called "Pop Game",you have to follow the pattern and flip the pieces in correct sequences to pass a level.

Web wap

Apps1010 expertizes in providing unique web-design concepts to enhance your brand`s online presence. We write elegant codes in Node.js, PHP, MySql, MongoDB, Javascript , HTML5 and css.We also write websites that have a high usability, visibility and effective navigation.


Nowadays, Kinect is no longer solely for gaming purposes, but an alternative communication tool that interacts with its audience in a high-tech way. Real-time motion capture and motion recognition have many broad usages, and one of the is to transport the user across the virtual and real world.

Smart TV

This application allow you to try out all the latest and trendiest fashion with a few effortless swipes of your hand. You can now see what matches and what doesn`t in a split second without going through the tiresonme process of dressing and undressing.

Online shop

Apps1010 develop telent made CMS platforms, which allow high flexibility in shaping the perfect solution based on specific requirements and budget availiable. Our E-Commerce solutions also come with a weatlth of features such as product management, user views, secure payment processing, social sharing,etc.

Social media

Social Media has become an essential part of people`s daily life as well as an excellent platform for digital marketing. Our expert team knows how to utilize strategies like Facebook marketing, Buzz Creating, Forum Network to help you drive sales, increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty.